MW That’s mine tell me please what your initials say about you?

Published October 3, 2012 by wattswatt8

“M” is the letter that represents spiritual leadership.

If you want a courageous friend, a person with an “M” in their name is the one to have. Spirituality has to be brave and sometimes a little bold. People with this letter in their name usually are.

They are self-reliant although they love being around others. Feeling a need for people on a regular basis, they seek out places to be with them. Almost as quickly, they look for the satisfaction of being back home alone. Family means a great deal to the “M” person.

“W” represents self-expression and resourcefulness.

With persistence, a person with a “W” in their name goes after what they want. These are some of the most determined people around. Like the crab, they do not give up but instead circle until they find other ways to accomplish their goal.


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