Bind Us Together

Published November 28, 2012 by wattswatt8

Bind Us Together.


Children are our Future

Published November 22, 2012 by wattswatt8

Watt a Credit it is, a Universal Matter

Life is Precious Skills to Educate our young
A child 35 years on Should shine on all find leaders amoung
Lesson in life give them something other than strife,
Time not wasted encourage growth to love life.

Michelle Watts Thurrock

Published November 15, 2012 by wattswatt8

My voice it seems is not heard I write in hope that only the good can hear.
Truth i now know, not unlucky as i once thought and now i fear.
Again being left, vulnerable under your care,
My community of love but treated so unfair.
I can only give you my words hope of change
Urgent contact of a good authority so we can arrange
A vacancy, love don’t live here any more
all i ask is the good to knock on my door
it’s true love did abonded me
alone still, so i hope one sees
Just needed a little help not an evil look
Now to be able to have my say
I will keep trying but the odd are against me
So i continue to believe in good and pray
Left alone, confused but aware
there are so many good people out there

Michelle Watts
Thurrock Council is my Local Authority 35 years